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The second IFAR Summit was an important step forward for this global aviation research forum: High level representatives from worldwide twenty aviation research organisations met in Méry-sur-Oise, France, from 18 to 19 June 2011. ONERA acted as host. The Summit decided on the IFAR Charter, on the IFAR Framework Document on aviation research, currently focussing on climate impact and noise, on the accession of new members, the exchange on education and promotion, the Chair and Vice-Chair and the next IFAR Summit in 2012,see Declaration.

The primary purpose of IFAR and its twenty one members is to connect research organisations worldwide, to enable the information exchange on aviation research activities between members, to facilitate opportunities for networking and creating partnerships and to coordinate views and make recommendations for use by its Members. The focus of IFAR is non-competitive research and development related to global technical challenges such as those pertaining to noise, security, safety and efficient operations, and steps to reduce the impact of aviation on climate and the environment. The regularly updated IFAR Framework Document will outline global research objectives and technological opportunities for use by its Members.

The following countries and organisations participated in the Paris Summit 2011:

  • Australia: DSTO
  • Belgium: VKI
  • Canada: NRC
  • China: CAE
  • Finnland: VTT
  • France: ONERA
  • Germany: DLR
  • Hungary: BME
  • India: NAL
  • Italy: CIRA
  • Japan: JAXA
  • Korea: KARI
  • Netherlands: NLR
  • Poland: ILOT
  • Romania: INCAS
  • Russia: TsAGI
  • Spain: INTA
  • Sweden: FOI
  • Turkey: METU
  • United States of America: NASA
Attached documents
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